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Desert safari is itself a very long time experience for any individual but Our desert safari tour extends your journey with a unique mix of adventure and mystery with all the magical night under the starlit sky. In this journey you can observe the Arabian Desert culture in addition to their unique way of living. Oahu is the best option for nature lover persons. Feel other realm of imaginations which unveils the good thing about this unique pleasure added night. Desert Safari Deals

This journey usually starts at 3:30 pm once you enter in the desert .The expert drivers show you in the whole journey as well as gives you knowledge about these sandy shores as well as in the meanwhile photographers make your trip more memorable. Then you will be headed towards your camp with all the traditional Arabic Bedouin campsite where huts comprise palm tree, decorated and furnished with cushions and carpets. You will be offered with traditional Arabic drinks, Sheesha and tea, in the intervening time you can enjoy camel riding and Traditional beautiful Arabian music. Women also can indulge themselves in Henna painting .Then a delicious Barbecue dinner may be enjoyed with a special show of Belly dancing. You can relax yourself by Traditional Arabic costumes. After all these activities you can head towards your camps supplied with sleeping to enjoy the starlit sky. This unforgettable trip usually ends at 9:30 PM.

What�s included in the Trip
�    Free Pick & Drop out of your home or hotel anywhere within Dubai or Sharjah
�    Dune Bashing
�    Camel Riding& Sand boarding
�    Henna painting
�    Belly dancing
�    Traditional Arabic costumes and music
�    Barbecue dinner (BBQ Dinner)
�    Bedouin tents and dinner tables with carpet and pillows
�    Sleeping bags
�    Light refreshments , Sheesha, Unlimited soft drinks and mineral water
�    First-aid , Full insurance
�    Photography

Desert Safari Deals

Post by safari16ih (2015-11-29 11:45)

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